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Please note that our facility’s website is not secured as we do not collect personal or private health information via our site. Accordingly, the “Contact Us” form is not intended for use with personal or private health information, however e-mail sent via the “Contact Us” form is sent to a facility employee on a secure e-mail server.

Administration: 602-797-7702
Scheduling: 602-797-7777
Admitting: 602-797-7771
Pre-Operative Testing: 602-797-7744
Imaging Services: 602-797-7941
Rehabilitation Services: Coming Soon
Inpatient Nursing Station: 602-797-7861
Human Resources: 602-797-7707
Billing/Insurance Department: 602-797-7775
Preoperative Education: 602-797-7939

Dr. Delwyn Worthington, Chief Medical Officer
Barbara McWilliams, Chief Executive Officer: 602-797-7701 –
Emmanuel Buabeng, Chief Financial Officer: 602-797-7705 –
Terresa Paulus, RN, Chief Nursing Officer: 602-797-7703 -

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