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Mission – Vision – Values

OASIS Hospital is founded on a distinctive model that emphasizes physician participation while integrating the resources of one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare systems.  This relentless focus on physician participation ensures that the patient’s needs are always first.


Our mission statement was created with the input of our physicians.  Simply put, our mission at OASIS Hospital is, Caring for Patients Like Family.  Every decision we make at OASIS hospital involves physician input and centers on what is best for our patients.

The staff that has been assembled at OASIS Hospital is also unique.  Each employee was selected based on their passion for orthopedic and spine care, as well as, their own personal commitment to service.  The extraordinary staff that cares of our patients only adds to the comforting surroundings of our state-of-the-art facility.

Combining the power of physician-driven decision making, a passionate service oriented staff and a fabulous physical environment is what differentiates the OASIS Hospital experience.


The vision that OASIS was founded on, and that is alive and well each day, is that we are “Transforming the healthcare experience”.  OASIS Hospital transforms the hospital experience by incorporating a contemporary understanding of human interaction. We stepped into the patient’s shoes and questioned what we would want to experience,” said David Ott, M.D., and Board Chairman of OASIS Hospital.

Physicians, partners, and the architectural firm poured their years of personal experiences into the development of the hospital concept – what they did and did not like about how a hospital functions – to create an optimal healing environment.

The team questioned how to remove patients’ fear of the unknown; how to improve the communication process between patients and their families, and their physician and staff?  How to enhance surgical outcomes through a supportive physical environment? Working together with a patient-focused mindset, OASIS Hospital delivers an integrated, innovative, and healing environment.


Our core values emphasize our commitment to exceptional healthcare and embody our mission and vision.  The values of Communication, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Service spell out the acronym of C.I.T.E.S as we more commonly refer to it here at OASIS.  As a part of our ongoing commitment to our values, we have developed the “Caught in Our C.I.T.E.S” program to recognize those associates for exemplifying our core values.  We invite you to share examples where you have witnessed our associates (Nurses, Doctors, Housekeeping, Clinical Staff, Office Staff, etc.) upholding our core values.  Look for the “Caught in Our C.I.T.E.S” boxes throughout the hospital and recognize an associate.

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