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Desert Vista Medical Associates

Our mission is to provide exceptional primary care for our patients. Wellness is the goal. Our providers are caring experts in evidence based preventative care for adults. When medical problems do occur, we have the expertise in the managment of acute and chronic medical conditions.

We have extensive experience in the treatment of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, hormorne imbalances, cholesterol control, weight management, skin problems, pre-operative evaluations, pain management, asthma, emphysema, infections, arthritis, and most medical conditions.

We offer convenient access to a wide range of services here at our Scottsdale office.

When specialist care is required, we will refer you to the top specialists in the Valley and help coordinate your care.

We encourage our patients to take an active role in their health. Annual wellness exams, preventative screening tests, medication reviews, effective communication regarding developments in care, healthy lifestyle habits, and active participation in their own health education are important ways our patients can improve the quality of their healthcare and the quality of their lives.

We partner with our patients to achieve their optimal wellness.

Together, we can help you achieve the healthiest possible version of yourself. You, and your loved ones, deserve it.

To learn more about our Hospitalists at OASIS Hospital, please visit the Hospitalist Informational Directory for additional information.

Clicking on the link below will direct you to an independent physician practice website that is not hosted or maintained by OASIS Hospital.

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